A Life Changed – Josh

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Josh prepping a screen before putting it on the press.

Ashbury Images as a social enterprise is committed to changing the lives of its intern. Our latest intern is a testament to that, but we let his story speak for itself.

Josh originally joined the employment program in 2015. Prior to becoming an intern, Josh was working for the city when he was unfortunately laid off. Down on his luck, Josh began his search for new employment. As fortune would have it, his cousin knew about an opportunity at New Door Ventures where he was quickly employed by Ashbury Images.

Working at Ashbury was a nice change of pace for Josh and he was happy to be employed again. But once again luck was not on his side. Only a month into the program, Josh found himself in the clutches of incarceration where he served a year of time. However this did not stop Josh from wanting to better his life. Soon after his release he returned to New Door where he was warmly accepted back into the program.

Josh interned with a seafood supplier where he weighed, iced and packaged products and cleaned the warehouse. He found it exciting to be on his feet and use his hands every day. It was a place he learned new skills and enhanced his existing skills. After his internship at TwoXSea he was transferred to an outreach position. Josh comments that he did not enjoy doing outreach feeling that it was out of his skillset at the time. He soon quit the program for a couple months in hopes of finding something better when the manager at Ashbury Images reached out to him directly and asked him if he would like his original job back. Josh gladly accepted and returned to Ashbury Images.

Since his time back Josh has accomplished quite a lot. While working full time he has managed to successfully complete the education program as well as the case management program, allowing him to receive his GED. With his newly certified education and steady employment, Josh is well on his way to becoming the man he always wanted to be. He attributes his inspiration and tenacity throughout his hardships to his two young daughters. His children are a huge motivation for him and keep him going day to day. It has not been an easy journey for Josh and he hopes to be an inspiration to the youth coming in to the program.

Photos by Ekevara Kitpowsong (The Aperturist)

As a person who has been through the employment program and seen the change it can bring first hand, Josh supports the mission wholeheartedly. This has lead him to join the ALC (Alumni Leadership Council) where he helps shape the future of the program.

His role in the ALC is pivotal and allows him to offer his insight into how best to serve the youth and provide them with the best opportunities. Josh warns incoming interns that the program may not be what they expect at first but to stick with it. He encourages interns to really take advantage of the program because there a lot of opportunities available to those willing to put in the work.  





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