From Intern to Employment – Alan

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Ashbury Images is a well-oiled machine when it comes to screen-printing. But that machine would be nothing without the glue that holds it together: the hardworking Ashbury Images employees who keep everything running smoothly every day. One of them is Alan, and while he’s now a familiar face, he wasn’t always an employee.

In fact, Alan was originally one of Ashbury’s interns going through the New Door Ventures Employment Program. He joined the program in late 2016 after his aunt decided to move the restaurant Alan was working at out of state. Suddenly faced with the need for a new source of income, Alan found himself at New Door, where he was assigned an internship with Ashbury Images, one of their social enterprises.

Alan stacking shirts before a big order.

He wanted to explore new job opportunities while gaining work experience and quickly took interest in the program. New Door Ventures gave him the option to work at one of over 60+ job sites, but Alan decided to go completely left field and try something he’d never done before; screen printing.

The excitement of starting something new quickly calmed Alan’s nerves. He also got the hang of things very quickly. Alan attributed his success as an intern to his ability to follow directions and focus on the tasks at hand.

Impressed with Alan’s work ethic and dedication, the staff at Ashbury Images decided to ask Alan to come back after graduating the program. He gladly accepted and came back as a senior intern, where he worked diligently for another year before being offered a full-time position as an employee.

Given the position of Operator, Alan went from assisting in the production of orders to processing and running them himself. He enjoys having these new-found responsibilities but admits that in the beginning it was challenging. With his new responsibilities he found that he had to be more diligent with making sure everything ran smoothly.

Alan has been specially trained to run one of the five screen-printing machines at Ashbury Images and currently leads that station single-handedly. He looks forward to growing his expertise in the screen-printing industry and says he will soon be trained on another machine once he has mastered the one he currently operates.

Other employees at Ashbury Images find it a pleasure to work with Alan. His positive demeanor and now expert level of operating skills make him a much-valued member of the team.

Preprint can be a chore. But not for our interns. Go Alan!





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