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Deshun recently graduated from New Door Ventures’s Employment Program after completing a three-month internship at Ashbury Images. The 20-year-old was born and raised in San Francisco and, like many who call the Bay Area home, fell victim to financial hardship due to the rising cost of living. After months of searching for his passion while struggling to remain afloat financially, Deshun made his way to New Door.

Two years before applying to the Employment Program, Deshun was working as a line cook at a local restaurant. After working for a few months and saving up money, he decided to quit his job to attend culinary school to pursue cooking professionally. He soon realized his heart wasn’t in it and dropped out. Following this decision and the realization that cooking was no longer his passion, Deshun was unsure what his next step should be, and fell into a depression. 

Deshun heard about New Door from a friend who had recently graduated from the Employment Program, and he thought it would be a good stepping stone to get back into the workplace. He wanted to find a job that offered benefits, and saw the job readiness skills he would learn at New Door as the first step in achieving this goal. 

Deshun learns how to clean screens at Ashbury Images

Upon beginning his internship at Ashbury Images, Deshun quickly gained the financial confidence he was looking for to help support himself and his family. He has enjoyed his time working at Ashbury Images and has gotten to know his coworkers very well. He appreciates being able to discuss his interests in photography with his fellow employees and has even learned some tips along the way. 

Deshun plans on pursuing a degree in photography, continuing to work  part-time while attending school and practicing his photography. His advice to interns coming into the Employment Program is to stay committed to their work, reminding them that “[the program] is not long,” so they should make use of the resources while they can.

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