Discovering & Uncovering – (Queen) Zarianna

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Meet Zarianna, or more formerly known as Queen, Ashbury’s most recent promising young intern. The SF native found her way to New Door after her mother came across a flier offering youth summer employment. After her mother’s consistent pressuring for her to get a job, Zarianna decided to apply and attend an orientation where she would soon be placed in one of New Door Ventures summer cohorts and assigned work at Ashbury Images. 

Going in the program Zarianna’s only focus was to working a summer job and putting a little extra money in her pocket. As a recent highschool graduate, Zarianna was excited for an opportunity to gain some real world work experience having had two other jobs previously. She was most excited to explore other positions in the workforce to see what she might like best. 

While Zarianna does not consider herself at risk she admits to dealing with some financial hardships in her home life. Living alone with her single mother she knows the importance of a steady source of income. She reflects on the last couple of years being rough for her and her mother due to medical complications causing her mother to be in and out of work. With Zarianna’s new found employment she is happy to report her ability to help lessen the financial burden for her and her mother. 

Zarianna has learned a lot during her time at Ashbury. Originally being assigned to work in the office as a receptionist, she quickly moved on to working out on our warehouse floor helping with day to day production. Working on both sides of Ashbury has given her the chance to pick up twice the amount of skills. From working in the office she has learned communication, customer services, and how to use computer programs such as Excel. While out on the production floor she’s able to exercise her organization skills and focus on paying attention to details when filling out  orders. When asked which one she likes better she admits that while the office work is easier she finds herself more busy out on the production floor. 

After completing her three month internship, Zarianna was offered an extended position at Ashbury where she has continued to work and learn. Her advice to young people coming into the Employment Program is to “… be on time. Know what you want to do and stay focused.” 

Her current goals are to move out of her mother’s house and find an apartment of her own. She feels that with her newfound financial independence she has what it takes to move on to the next stage of her life. With the skills she’s learned at Ashbury Images, she plans on finding a job working in childcare, social work , and creative arts. Working her way up to a top position where she can “call the shots”. Zarianna has shown great promise here at Ashbury and we can’t wait to see what she does next.





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