Stepping Up – Davaris

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Davaris is a graduate of New Door Ventures’s Employment Program who recently returned to Ashbury Images as a participant in New Door’s StepHire program, which helps prepare Bay Area youth for their next jobs. Davaris has grown a lot since his first internship with Ashbury Images and is excited for continued growth with the supportive community that helped him grow so much in the first place.

Davaris first came to New Door Ventures in August of 2018 in search of work and education opportunities after an unstable childhood. He recalls moving around multiple times with his family after falling victim to a series of bad housing situations. This constant instability made it difficult for him to form close relationships. Feelings of depression and anxiety around going to school and making friends led Davaris to drop out of attending all together in the 11th grade.

His disconnection from work and school made him feel lost and hopeless. In an effort to turn his mental state around, Davaris sought out treatment and was introduced to a therapist. After working with his therapist for the better half of a year, he felt ready to get his high school equivalency and join the workforce. She recommended he stop by New Door Ventures and after some contemplation, he decided to check it out.

Davaris is a Ashbury Images intern. He has learned a lot about screen printing like how to catch shirts, kitt orders and take inventory.
Davaris learns to catch and stack shirts

Davaris was initially interested in joining New Door’s Education Program. He was eager to get his GED but after being appointed to work at Ashbury Images he decided he would much rather focus on work and make money. During his time in the Employment Program, Davaris learned the basics of screen print production. He quickly learned how to catch a pull shirts as well as how to fold, kit, and package garments for shipment. Over the course of his three month internship he learned the value of punctuality and paying attention to detail. After completing his internship, Davaris was happy to have some transferable skills to take with him to his next employment opportunity. 

Now, as a StepHire Intern, Davaris is ready to take on even more new challenges. He has worked diligently over the past few months becoming a much appreciated addition to the Ashbury team. Davaris is now learning more advanced steps in the screen printing process such as how to clean screens and prep them for production. He continues to learn and take on  a proactive approach to his daily duties. Working at Ashbury Images for a second time has given Davaris a new sense of responsibility for himself and the work he does. He attributes this sense of responsibility to the positive feedback he has received from his coworkers at Ashbury and the case managers at New Door. 

While he continues to excel here at work, Davaris has also began working to complete his high school equivalency through the Education Program. After completing the six-month StepHire program, Davaris plans on moving out of California and starting a career where he can work hard and eventually become his own CEO. When asked what advice he has for other youth coming into the program, he says “[It may be hard] but it’s worth your time.”





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