Ashbury Images Closure FAQ

Read a letter from Wade 

Why are you closing? 

Ashbury Images is operated by a non-profit organization called New Door Ventures. New Door’s work has always involved providing access to employment with social enterprises, including Ashbury Images, operating to this important social mission. Our social enterprises, while a source of pride, are operated for the purpose of creating work opportunities and skills training for low-income and disconnected young people. 

New Door has always raised funds to support the operations of Ashbury Images.  In recent years, the increasing costs of doing business has meant that the costs of supporting Ashbury Image’s operations were growing.  With the additional challenges to our programming and fundraising projections for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, the added financial burden of owning and supporting the business is no longer tenable. Through this difficult decision, we will ensure that New Door survives this economic crisis and can continue to provide programs and support for low-income Bay Area young people. 

There is a large demand from customers! Why don’t you just re-open? 

Ashbury Images is and has always been a different type of print shop. Re-opening is not as simple as that when considering the safety for our staff and the challenges to our youth programming during COVID-19. We are excited for the current customer demands and hope that it will be a great help to local print shops. Operating a small business in San Francisco is no easy feat when taking into account challenges that we’ve faced for a while like increasing rent, ongoing increases in manufacturing costs, economic changes to our city and neighborhood, and demographic changes to the youth population. These were issues before COVID and are likely to continue post-COVID.  

How can I help? 

While we appreciate your support, the decision to close the business is final. You can help by supporting locally-owned print shops. 

If you supported Ashbury Images because of the social mission of New Door, please stay in touch with us by signing up for our newsletter.   

What are some other print shops in the neighborhood that I can support? 

There are several print shops in San Francisco.  Ape Do Good in the Soma District and DCL Productions in the Dogpatch, are all great independent print shops. Merch Monster and Oaklandish in the East Bay are great options as well.  

Is there a chance that Ashbury would be bought? What happens next? 

We would love for Ashbury images to carry on in some manner. It’s too early to say what that might look like, but we will be investigating those possibilities. If you work for or have connections to a Bay Area organization that might be interested, please email us.